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WoW error and DC



Hello everyone! i'm having some issues with the new patch thing that the admins did to the IceColdLaucher, when i try to download reaper, it goes 100% after that i get a wow error and IceColdLaucher closes and i'm unable to get in wow.

And when i try to go in screamer, it doesn't do any download it just opens wow, when i put my account/password it Disconnect me, doesn't even let me see my characters.

Well, that's all i hope you guys fix this really fast.

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I am now having this same exact problem. I have tried to trouble shoot this as best I can. I deleted the IceCole.exe and IceColdLauncher.exe, redownloaded them, proceeded to remove both caches, ran the wow.exe to rebuild the cache, then proceeded to run the IceColdLauncher. WoW error.

Is there a fix to this please?

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Solution found.

The wow-update-13800.MPQ had a file size of 0 and was labelled as wow-update-13800(1).MPQ indicating something was trying to download a new one but failed probably through the repair function.

I downloaded form the internet through the forums of another private server a correct wow-update-13800.MPQ and my icecold.exe opens wow fine.

Go here:


Download the file and put it in the wow root/data folder. Overwrite any existing files.

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