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Hi, I am fort and im here to suggest you something.

If you could make VIP account BOUND not just the character, because if you would buy the vip 6 and u wanted it on your main Character and other characters you couldnt do it so i would like that to happen so we dont spend 180$ on every character ... even if you have VIP transfer, thats $15 .... 15$ -.- , and you might want it on different characters not just 1 ...

PS. i probably didnt make sense im a bit drouzy

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content is what is keeping servers going etern-wow is a mess admins dont care (ive lost 6 vips on pile of crap) and yes vip is cheaper here and atleast admin is english and interacts with players which to me is a massive bonus only thing stopping me donating more is contant!!

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The servers in question have been around for years on loads of different patches. They have had a very long time to build up content. You know how long IceCold has existed for? 8 months. I would like to think what we have is not bad for starting from scratch in 8 months.

atleast admin is english

*Irish ;)

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