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Sorry Everyone


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I'm sorry for acting immature and childish in the IP chat, and yes I do care that Kellian left, I just was joking to ease the tension and I guess it is not a matter to joke about. I'm sorry Wriiath for disrespecting you. I respect you very much, not just because your GM but as a person I respect you. I'm sorry if I upset anyone who looked at the chat with my vulgar and rude, unacceptable language, that should not be something to type in a public chat. I cannot explain my actions but I realize the problems in my actions. If you cannot come to trust me again, I respect that. Again, I am sorry to all of you and I ask for your forgiveness and I can promise you this will not happen. I know that you may not believe this, because I am so quick to apologize. I realized about halfway through that I did not think before my actions and that cost me to lose a friend, and lose trust.


- Brakmage

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