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Goodbye Kellian..


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As of this day.. December 13, 2011.

Head-Game Master Kellian has quit the server. Reason will not be stated.

Jordan says that it's a tremendous loss for the server.

I trust that our Staff can move on without me and make this server an amazing experience for players.. I will miss every single one of you... No matter what you did to me... Because it shows the mix of personality within... You will not be forgotten... God bless everyone. Hope only the best for you and the server! Make me proud IceCold-Staff!


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Kellian, you were a great person to work with. Knowing you looked up to me makes this even harder to say goodbye to ya.

I hope you and Salvation have a long lasting relationship :D

It was great working with you both : )

Thank you guys for being the greatest Staff friends :D

Best of wishes - Tirionl

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Guest controla

Cya man. I wish you the best and the reason I wanted to truly say looking up to you showed me anyone can become staff member especially you no one will ever replace you in my heart man Best staff-H-GM I will truly miss you hope you and salv have good relationship whish you both the best and a happy new year merry christmas man May God Watch over the both of you -Myths-Icros

Cya man

Yours truly your freind Icros,

Good Luck Man

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