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Melee PvP ... suggested fixes


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I have asked for this before and was told a potential fix could affect the game for presumably non-VIPs and low0level VIPs. The current situation, however, is that every melee class is forced to fight like a rogue with ambush while spell casters have no such problem. If I paid the small fee to be a spell caster, I would not even write this suggested fix. If I were a spell caster, defenses mean nothing as spells have a guaranteed chance to hit modified by spell resistance and chance to hit.

Melee however, unless possessing the ability to one-shot are at an extreme disadvantage .. unless a rogue. I happen to have a rogue but I also have a dk without shadowstep, backstab, etc.

Please fix melee. That is my simple request. I would like to be able to hit from any direction on a VIP 6 modified by my hit. If I contrast with retail, no player has defensive stats high enough to to avoid frontal attacks.

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