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Flash Flash Revolution(FFR)


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Hey Wriiathguard here!

I am here to recommend this AMAZING GAME! On the internet. It is called Flash Flash Revolution or FFR for short. It is where you use your arrow key's to hit the key's coming up on this screen.

The link to it is here ------->http://www.flashflashrevolution.com/vbz/register.php<------------

This will take you straight to registration, i suggest using your IceColdWoW name or something that has to DO with IceColdWoW.

Also i am rank 32,810 out of 1,783,788 that is rather actually good.

Also i will either be getting Frap's or Hypercam to record my play session's on this game and on WoW which one do you guy's recommend.

Also you can face other people on this game.


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