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Hey :)


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(I've noticed that me the 2nd HGM here in this most amazing server, have never introduced myself here goes)

Hello there, name is Diego, or call me Kell, like everyone does, I joined this server 2 months ago. I simply love it, I'm proud to call this place a home :D. I met my girlfriend here (Love you Sarah <3), Alright and my description In-game I play 4 Blood Elves. Kellian the apocolypse geared paladin wielding 2 Levianthan Claw :P. Aerosong the VIP 6 Rogue. Valorex the VIP 6 Warrior. Salvacion (Hehe ^^) the copy of the #1 Hunter on the server (Salvation).

Glad to see you read this, Hope to see you In-game soon. Either in the events I make or arena :).

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