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Lot of spawn ban


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Today i was reading the ban forum and i saw a lot of indignant players who get banned for spawn-killing. As the matter of facts i hate spawn killing too AND i get a ban for camping too (it was a misunderstood, but that is a long story...) So i think i can say i can speak in the name of all who get banned from a misunderstanding to ask all GMs with all respect to held more attentive to spawn ban! Because there always will be one from ten who get banned from a mistake, but we all humans, we are not perfect! I know GMs have a LOT more better and important problems to solve, but PLEASE be more prudet. Like if u see a dude spwankilling other player the third the fourthly of course he can confute that he is a jerk, but if u just saw a player killed an other player after he spawned dont kick him immediately.

I hope, no GM will be angy with me, this topic is just a proposal! :)

I know the spawn killing is on of the biggest problem of the server so all have to fight agains it! And if we do, we will win!

(the ones, who think i made this post to make GMs to unban me, the 5 days will pass for tomorrow...)

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I agree, cause usually when I get spawn-camped I start spawn camping the player who did it to me.

EDIT: really you got banned for 5 days? when I did this, (yet I was killing like 7 people and not repeatedly) i got banned by Tagwen for less then an hour .

Yes, for 5 days... i got banned on friday evening and it is still on (wednesday afternoon)

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