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Screamer Update


Well we decided to take down Screamer and think of new ideas, what we have come up so far is, to change it completely so its nothing like Reaper... E.G New custom gear, new dungeons, new malls, new quests, No max haste must be farmed/donate, new farmable gear, new zones... Have some really cool ideas? make a support ticket to the Admins and give them your ideas. Have fun now^^

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gears that increase one particular stat of like 1m but you can only equip 1 at a time

quest to farm special edition or heroic mounts

rp zone

.. i dont if its possible but an island for every class , like mage island where you can farm gears for mage , a rogue island etc...

higher money drop rate

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I agree to lvl 255(yea it would be cool)

And new gears for lvl 255 which drops....like 4 or 3 sets drop and for better there could be items which need to be farmed in raids(roleplaying) and the drop rate could be a lil bit higher then on these Glowcaps and Love tokens :/ ow and for trading could use gold....

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hello i reckon you should make a server when u level from level 1 to 85 or more but i dont know but have the xp a bit up and have more money drop and a bit rarer drops if you made a server like that i would love to play it

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So you mean like blizzlike lvling from 1 to 85? That would S**k arrs...there are full of that kinda server over internet....I think cata server with lvl 255 would be something new...atleast couldn`t find a server lvl 255 cata....

Most of these coments are for lvl 255...so maybe accept that it will be a lvl 255

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