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4.3.2 Warning


It's simple, DO NOT TOUCH 4.3.2!

WoW have changed the DBC layouts in the 4.3.2 patch, making them incompatible with all exe versions except 4.3.2. This breaks compatibility with all Cataclysm private servers and connection will be impossible if you upgrade.

For those that upgraded already and want to get on, you need to download the 4.0.6 game files. Here is a link to a torrent. (You need a program like BitTorrent to open it and download the game):

Just download that into a folder, download the IceCold Launcher and put it in the folder, run it as admin and login :)

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(Even though its un-openable cuz i need something to open it...)downloading link... Success!

*Sees that i still get errors*


I still got 4.3.2 apearently...

Tell me... do i have to put it in the same folder as the launcher... or put the launcher in it... (Even though its un-openable cuz i need something to open it...) Halp.

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The torrent is basically downloading WoW 4.0.6 Cataclysm, which is about 25gb, so yes it may take a long time. It will download the game into it's own folder, and you make sure to not open the retail launcher on the newly downloaded game

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Admins dont give a faeces neither you lost the money nor you cant play anymore... U read and agreed to the therms of donation. So you the guy who are f**ked in the end -> GET USED TO IT and dont cry...and of course they wont upgrade there server to 4.3.2 because as you might mentioned the admins are a bunch of mentally handicaped bastard who can steal other server but not change anything to make it more common to anyone..

Ty for readin this



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