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How to upgrade your items

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If you have bought a product and want to upgrade it to a better one, you can do this yourself automatically, and only pay the difference!

Here is how to upgrade a product (click each image to enlarge):

1) Log into the website. In the grey bar at the top, click your username.


2) Click "My Purchases" in the dropdown


3) You are now in your store control panel. On the left-hand side, click the "Purchases" tab


4) Here you see all your purchases listed. From here, you can upgrade products, pay for any pending items, get details of purchases, view your Transfer Keys, etc. Click the VIP purchase that you want to upgrade.


5) On the right-hand side, click "Upgrade package"


6) From here, select your desired new package, click "Change to selected package", go through checkout and pay. The upgrade will happen instantly. Just use the teleporter after!


We hope this article was helpful!

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