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Staff/GM rules In-Game

All staff MUST follow these rules at all times. Failure to comply will result in account termination.

1) No GM is allowed to have any close relationships with any normal player or GM.

2) GMs are not allowed to do any favors for any normal players (except teleport stuck players)

3) No giving away titles, or achievements, unless running an event.

4) No summoning players to secret locations (Ex: GM Island)

5) GMs cannot help normal players during PvP or Raids unless it's a type of event

6) GMs must be helpful and answer tickets while on. ALWAYS do ticket list when you login.

7) No using GM commands on other GMs (Ex: Kick) unless you have permission.

8) No editing players under any circumstance (Ex: Morph, MP/HP/TP/Skills)

9) You cannot PvP with any special items given to you unless given permission by those you're playing with. You must PvP as any normal player would.

10) GMs cannot ask Admins for free gear transfers or extra free gear. They will be rewarded.

11) NEVER share your account with anyone. This is absolutely forbidden and all staff account activity is tracked. You will face a permanent ban.

12) If you are going on vacation or any other reason you must leave the server please contact the Admins.

13) You cannot work for other WoW private servers without informing Administration. If you are caught working for other servers your account will be terminated.

14) You may not show any kind of disrespect towards any players under any circumstances. This includes all realms.

15) You may not use commands to modify/create players, guilds, groups, etc. without the permission of administration.

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