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How to Donate for VIP


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How to Donate for VIP :thumbsup:


Step 1: On our website at the top click on Store and VIP tabbar.jpg

Step 2: Choose whatever VIP you would like to buy from us.

Step 3: Choose your Server and type in your Character name. Then click addtocarte.png.

Step 4: Click checkouti.png at the bottom right of the webpage.

Step 5: Click confirmmyorder.png to get to the Paypal page.

Step 6: Pay with Paypal

Last Step: Retrieve your items ingame with icecoldtele.jpg

I hope this helps you guys!

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What type of card are you using? If it's a credit card or debit card, try putting it onto a Paypal Account. If it's a Prepaid Credit Card, did you activate it before you used it? (Some Prepaid Cards have to be activated before they can be used)

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