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Arena Bosses


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I wanted to make this Idea because

1. It would spread players out.

2. It would give the players a chance to come together and raid the Arena (people tell there friends "come join the server and help me beat this boss!") more people!

3. Better gear

4. Less spawn camping. Yay!


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It might solve the spawn camping issue (spawn camping will occur where PvP occurs), but with more bosses, its more likely that the Arenas just become Carebear hug-zones when bosses are up. I don't know how they want to make server PvP, but I remember in previous MMOs where there was open world PvP having the difficulty of killing a boss and players at the same time.

Spells that can hit players would fit more with the nature of a PvE boss rather than a PvP boss where you have to be worried about other players attacking you. One thing I absolutely hate about WoW is that there is really no Open World boss battle royales :|.

Part of the problem, in my humble opinion, with PvP on the server is that you can instantly respawn from where you died with full HP/Mana, making revenge kills much easier, but also not rewarding the victor in the PvP scenario. The only thing I honestly could think of to alleviate this would be to have PvP immune times where after a player dies they are not able to deal damage or take damage from other players. (Note: I am not saying this should be done, but rather just my impressions on it).

Well thats the end of my mini-rant on PvP and PvP World Bosses :).

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