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Patch Required.... Need Some Help, PLEASE!



Okay My Problem Is, I Run IceCold.exe And Then Run IceCold Launcher... It Download's Something... Don't No What It Is But The Size I Think Is 2.98MB And When I Log In... Another Download Bar Show's Up, Reaches 100% And Then Say's Patch Is Required... :/

So I GO On To My Retail Version And I Have All The Patches...

I Don't Know How To Fix This Problem. : (


Much Appreciated!

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Ok i have had this problem before and it took me an hour to figure out how to fix it.

1. Delete IceColdPatcher,IceColdWoW,and Cache Folder.

2.Go back to main page and re-download the patcher.

3.Open up WoW directory folder and go into "Data".

4.Delete the "wow-update-13164.MPQ File"

5.When done Re-Downloading "IceColdWoWPatcher" put it into your WoW Folder.

6.Open it up and click Cataclysm Or Wrath, whichever patch you need.

7.Then when the IceColdWoW pop's back in the folder, open and run it.

8.Login and it should work fine!

Hope this help's!

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OMFG!! Still Not Working... This IS Really ANNOYING! Can Someone Please Just Post A Simple Video For Me... Just Showing ME How To Download It, Sort My Problem Out And Get It Running... Please. I've Been Constantly At It Now For 3 Hours And Feel Like I've Got No Where... : (

In Dire Need Of Help Here... Please Help!

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Ok i just had the error myself xD This is what i did to make it work again.

1.Delete Cache,IceCold.exe.

2.Run Repair

3.Run the IceColdWoWPatcher When you get the "Error" close it.

4.Open the IceCold.exe but when it opens click QUIT

5.After it is closed open the IceColdWoWPatcher, THEN use the patch you need.

6.Login and play!

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