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Spawn Killing: A few suggestive rulles.


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The time within each kill of the same character should be between 5~10 seconds.

1h Ban per Spawn Kill. ex: Killing 5 times in a row would be a 5h ban.

If you kill a person, that person revives and attacks you once and you kill it straight away, it should not count as spawn kill.

If you're Spawn Killing 2~4 times, GM's should at least warn you one time that if you keep going you will get a ban.

Here are my suggestions. The reason I thought about this rulles thoroughly is because I simply Spawn Killed 3 times in a row and I got a ban of 24h hours which I think it's way too much for a spawn kill that big.

Thanks for your attention and give me some feedback.

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OK I understand. I just don't think this will work very well, considerig you will have to have a recording program running all the time, or you have to start it in ahurry so you might catch a spawnkiller in time. Or have a GM follow you arround all day.

I think excessive spawnkilling should have a basic ban time, regardless of the fact that you killed someone 5 or 7 times.

The spawn killing does bother me though. :)


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Indeed, it bothers everyone.

But it should have a few kinds of Ban Lenghts for each Spawn Kill time as I suggested. Even now, I'm ingame with another account of mine and there's people Spawn Killing like hell, literally. And there's a GM Away, it does piss me off that people Spawn Kills whenever there's no GM Available to watch it. Yesterday I got banned for 24h for killling 3 times in a row, I honestly think it's too much because I didn't even mean to Spawn Kill the guy it's was a way to show him "Don't even try to kill me", because he attacked me first anyway.

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I see you two talk very nice, but the problem is that if you wait for him five seconds he can pwn you. I mean when you have killed him, he just revives and kills you. Thats really stupid. Better should be to make it 10 seconds respawn, except instant, but thats only my opnion.

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Just like vugto said in the begining of the thread. If you kill some one and the other person is resurecting again and attackes you, i think you should be allowed to attack him and kill him again. If he dosent attack you, you can count that as spawnkilling the next time you kill him.

Yesterday i got banned for attaking some one that killed me. I resurected and then an other mage killed this guy and then after he revived i killed him once, then i got dc's and banned XD

And it really bothers me the gm's have to watch you spawnkill or "GET" spawnkilled*..

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