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Rule #13 must come back! (No spawncamping allowed)


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Hi, rule #13 has been deleted. Which means you can just spawn camp anyone if you would like to. I think that this won't be alot of fun for people who don't have alot of gear and want to pvp. They will get spawncamped by everyone who likes to. If you agree with me that the rule must come back please post "agree".

Thanks for reading,


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Spawncamping is on a per-GM basis now. A GM can punish spawncamping if they see it happening. However you can no longer report it and expect a later followup. It's punished on a "see them do it, punish on the spot" basis.

If it makes it any better, I can restore it in that modified state

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wait so Rocx does that mean if im in Arena and i see ungeared people getting Spawn Camped / Killed i can acctually ban the killer? because i have turned down a few of these doings and people get really annoyed? whenever i see Salvation or someone and they catch me trying to report a person they say im nt aloud to and they'd report me for doing it (Abusing GM Powers)?

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