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Hello Icecold people.

I have a few suggestions about the server...

- More Events

- New instances

- New Bosses (Harder than Deathwing)

- New Items : Better than Sapphiron.

- New Weapons you don't have to vote for!

- Stair Event: Always open

Do you agree with me?

Have any other suggestions you can always reply and tell us.



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Im agreed with most of those except the stair event to be always open. And those bosses that are "harder than Deathwing" musn't be able to be soloed. I mean you can solo everyone with a 2.5M character, because you have really much dodge and he only dodges you. There should be a boss that must be able to hit you for 2-3M damage, so the healers have any role in this server.

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