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Generate for GM. :)


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Hey everbody at icecold wow, misbehave subtely rogue here, just thought id give a little suggestion but i think you should hire a new gm called Generate? hes a mage vip and hes really helpful, when i first started icecold wow he spent 2hours showing me around helping me gear and i think hes a really nice person, and he helps alot of people too, whenever i log on hes always helping someone new aswell, its justa thought but i suggest that you make him GM he could be really good for your server. feel free to tell me what you think everyone :(

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You have my 1+ , but the same trick doesn't go two ways. I mean look at "Kellian for GM". How they both have brothers and their brothers made topic for making them GM? But at all Generate is a kind person and would be a great GM. I have seen him ingame.

Actually our brothers made our posts, and my brother made it without asking me. >_<

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