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Should We Add a 3.3.5 Realm


Should there be a 3.3.5 IceCold Realm  

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  1. 1. Should we add a 3.3.5 Realm

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This is a poll and a player opinion of whether of not to add a blizz-like high-rate Realm to ice cold . . .

Please post your opinions and make sure to chose your answer from the poll.

I am interested in hearing the players opinions on this matter if we have enough player input I'am sure that the admins would gladly put it up for us :thumbsup:

please make sure to thoroughly describe your opinions on this topic.

thank you


IceCold Staff

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Worst decision in my life, i do agree

but i have no ****king idea how to downgrade and some people are thick to explain normally or its much much different on your computer.


It is impossible to downgrade, you have to just torrent WOTLK from like TPB or something.

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