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multiple realm play-cannot switch to other realms?



hey all,

I had no problem getting this server to run using the loader/laucher as instructed for it and modifying my realmlist. however-it wont let me switch to my other private realms that are also 4.0.6 cata.

i have switched them before numerous timesbefore without error.I have also double checked my realmlist info etc to make sure i am entering the correct information and have tried establishing connection to three other servers just in case. this only happened once i followed the setup for this server. It does not matter that i deleted the launcher/loader from my game folder and have switched my realmlist info to another of my servers-it still pulls up icecold-wow server. How can I fix this issue? any advice from other multiple wow server users etc would be appreciated.

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Sorry about your trouble with connection. I will outline exactly what our launcher does. It may help your troubleshooting:

1) It drops custom cache files in your /Cache/ folder

2) It Changes your realmlist file

3) It drops a custom IceCold.exe in the wow folder and launches it.

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ah alright. So I removed the launcher .exe, Cleared the cache, and changed my realmlist but it still would not connect to my other servers.

For whatever reason, I had to replace the realmlist with my backup before the changes would take effect, even after having done all of these steps. Perhaps it was just a odd glitch on my end. Thanks for outlining, I was worried I had missed something crucial and yet totally obviously (ha ha).

My system is win7 64 bit and is a Asus laptop. Not sure if that would make any difference with this (I do not see why it would but ah well) but perhaps if others ever have this same odd issue this may help to remember-always backup your original files, even if you are only editing text!

Again, thanks for the outline!

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