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New VIP/Non-VIP dungeon Not much work required!


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Basicly, this place is under vashj'ir blizzard has made it. all the mobs are spawned and have over 2000million HP each viaring on each mob. You could easily convert this into a vip/non-vip dungeon. You would just need to make the bosses stronger and need to change some of them I belive. You will also need to spawn an elevator as one is missing. Me and a group done this 25 man earlier and didn't do that well too, so I think this would be good in the long run.

This is just a simple idea as it wouldn't require much work at all. It's also fun to raid and it's one of the only cataclysm instances working what is unaccesible seeing as the area trigger in the world pool isn't working.

Hope you considder this, to view the instance do .tele thebreachmaw and walk into that entrence, just like the picture posted above.


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