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Another fun idea :O?


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Ok SO i was thinking We could make a place were people could go Thats bigger then the chill zone :o And have fun and make it like a huge Invis floor like the Chill zone has and make it pretty big but make sure you can fall off into water or something because idk about you guys but i find it funny when your dueling some one and there trying to run to get away or something and they fall off the edge and die :3 and your just sitting here thinking thats Fail and funny at the same time,

OR Idea 2 were you make a place were you have to do another stair event and you CANT fly... or mount... And it leads to a really cool hang out place were theres foam stairs and maybe put the one band from retail wow or w.e and have the music for the back ground Like a wow song or something idk i just think this might be an ok Idea It really takes work i under Stand ;3 i just want to here from you? Any thing you could add to my post viewers :o? ik you liked my first one so i thought i might try another idea XD just tell me what you think :P if this is worth making or not also there could but like a little area with duel flags, and you can put maybe like a custom made gun.. and 1 hand sword or something sorta like the foam sword :P


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A massive area above kezan, You can't fly or anything. It's filled with random events, chill zones and quest rewards you can do daily. A few fun vendors, A custom arena, A race track and some other awesome stuff. It would be kinda cool, exept the admins have more important things to do I suppose but still. :P

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