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How To Transfer VIP Gear


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Since I still see a lot of people confused on how transfers work here on Ice-Eternian, I figured it would be a good idea to post a step-by-step guide on how to transfer your VIP and/or custom gear.


IMPORTANT: Do NOT buy Transfer Keys. They do not work on Eternian and an admin will still have to manually do your transfer so buying those is just a waste of everyone's time.


Step 1: Create an admin ticket by clicking "Contact Admins" on the left side of the screen at www.icecold-wow.com.


Step 2: Fill out the ticket using the formats found here: http://www.icecold-wow.com/help/_/guides/administrative-ticket-information-and-formats-r9


Step 3: Wait for an admin to send you a link to pay for the transfer.


Step 4: Pay.


Step 5: Wait for an admin to complete your transfer.


Step 6: Enjoy your gear on the new character.

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