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Old Times :P


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Well i play around here for a long time and amm... Im going say my oppinion as an idea.


Lets start by the gear farming first, long time aggo "you" could get the gear on Lightning Halls dropped from the mobs, now its more complicated then before... Now  you need, "Mats"  You should need the "mats" only to upgrade from Ravaged untill Illustrious Gear. It would be more easy for PPL.  And also drop rates should increase a little bit... Like the quantaty of the drop too.

Like basacly stay like it was before it was all changed, it was pretty good that way... Oh and also the number of mats to upgrade the items should be decreased by 5.


There should also be a mats vendor near the profession trainer's.


 More icegold points by killing mobs.


An Honor exchangemment, or something like selling the item back and recovering the honor  it would be cool :P


Make bosses of some instances more easy to kill.


Reduce the attack speed  from  mobs from some instances and also the HP of them.


Change some of the quest's, reduce on quest objectives like for example the quest of Lightning Halls, "you" need to kill 50 ,it should be like 15, ppl at the beginning needs better weapons so it can go well.


And also bring the spells that were removed if they are already fixed :)


It would be cool a quest that you had to kill all the bosses from all instances to forge a good weapon.


And 1 more thing make the upgrade on Death Wing gear 100%, because ppl try hard and sometimes they dont get an upgrade, they spend like hours playing to get those bars.




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