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hey i was thinking about maybe a new zone for players to have fun, i mean when i was a gm on my old private server we had this Zone and Gms would have events Make it a zone were you cannot mount, or fly or anycheap tricks. etc a zone were you stack places up like stairs sorta and make it some what hard to complete and at the end maybe a chest of some sort that only spawns every Few hours this chest could contain Deathwing Items or Spirit killer items, i mean im sure some people would enjoy this idea, and make maybe 2 courses one easy with Vampire gear/ Spirit killer gear and One hard with a random Deathwing item :D just a idea that would probly take some time to set up to make sure its good and all but ya i was just thinking that this would be a good idea or at the end GM'S could hoste a even that says First person to get to the end of the course gets a free deathwing run or something like that or they could offer a item idk but i just thought it would be fun :D

~~~ Serenade

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