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AP's Notepad++ Suggestion File


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Although this is going to be a lengthy suggestion post, I'm not entirely responsible for the suggestions that are going to be talked about. Both myself and the community of Ice-Eternian came up with a Notepad++ file containing multiple suggestions that we all believe will bring both more to do and attraction to the server. On top of the suggestions posted below, there will also be small, minor fixes that can be done to the server to improve quality. Thank you in advance for taking the time to look this topic over, hopefully it steers Ice-Eternian in the proper direction.



Suggestion Format:


         Suggestion Type ( Event | General Improvement | Nerf | Buff | Loot | Dungeon | Etc. )


~General Improvement, Loot, Dungeons, VIP, and more.


Topic: VIP.


          Short DescriptionUnder the < VIP Zone > part of the Magic Stone, a custom instance for VIP access only should be implemented. This custom content would serve multiple purposes for the VIP part of the community, ranging from upgradable VIP only equipment, to upgrade materials being discussed shortly. The difficulty of this instance would be moderate. To the point where, a brand new VIP 1 would not be able to solo it, but with enough exploration of the rest of the server, would be able to with the help of accessory upgrades from Ice Warden equipment pieces, and/or Chilled/Frozen weapons. This is one option of the layout to VIP only content via < VIP Zone >. The other option that came to mind, would be 6 Different VIP only instances. Each instance having it's own upgrade material, these materials would be used for I-X upgrades on the current VIP 1-6 sets. Another material that would be used for these upgrades include: Unbound Energy, and Fine Iron. Each set would be allowed to be upgraded to the next VIP set via Upgrade Gems ingame. This would allow current and future VIP players to continue their farming once their Ice Warden accessories are maxed, and/or their Frozen Weapons are maxed. This has be done on previous servers, and would enjoy to see it implemented once again. I believe it is the most enjoyed aspect of being a VIP, being able to upgrade their gear via ingame to a higher potential VIP set, rather than paying more than what they can afford. Referencing back to the VIP only equipment, these instances could have upgradable VIP only accessories, such as the Ice Warden accessories ingame, but BoE and tradable amongst other VIP players. The use of multiple BoE items will generate a usable economy for the community.



Topic: Loot | Dungeons.


         Short Description : Implement VI, VII, and once released, VIII upgrades to the Ice Warden accessories. Current Ice Warden equipment pieces are able to reach VII, yet the Ice Warden accessories are only upgradable until V. These upgrades would be possible through the use of Deathwing's Armor Shard VI, VII, and VIII, that're obtainable from the corresponding instances that're necessary for VI, VII, and VIII Ice Warden equipment pieces. I also believe that the Ice Warden accessories should be nerfed slightly, to match up with their corresponding Ice Warden equipment upgrade level. This will allow for the further expansion of upgrades for both the accessories and the equipment pieces of the Ice Warden set.

                                                   Implement the addition of Myserious Shards to be dropped by Wretched Husk in < Magisters' Terrace >.



Topic: Items | Drops - Fixes.


         Short Description : Implement "Can be Upgraded!" item descriptions onto items that're currently upgradable on Ice-Eternian. I believe this would dismiss the confusion on which items are upgradable via Upgrade Gems, and allow new comers of Ice-Eternian to indicate whether or not certain items can be upgraded while others cannot. 

                                                    Implement the reduction of Magic Gold amounts given in Onyxia's Lair from 25 Magic Gold to 15 Magic Gold.

                                                    Implement the addition of Magic Gold amounts given by Murloc Slaves in < Fantasy Jungle > from 0 Magic Gold to 25 Magic Gold.

                                                    Implement the fixture of improper Upgrade Material descriptions, from Jungle Stone, to Shadow Stone.

                                                    Implement the addition of an Item Description to Dark Rune Stone, indicating that it is used to upgrade Ice Warden equipment from VI to VII.

                                                    Implement the addition of Magic Gold amounts given by Murloc King in < Fantasy Jungle > from 0 Magic Gold to 50 Magic Gold.

                                                    Implement the raise of weapon speed to Frozen 1-Handers from 2.50 to 2.70. ( 2-Handers gain 0.20 weapon speed, so 1-Handers should also. )



         How and Who would that Benefit : All of the changes and suggestions listed above would benefit everyone in the community of Ice-Eternian. Both those who are and are not VIP status. It would also benefit those of the future Ice-Eternian, giving them a structurally sound server to enjoy themselves on.

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I appreciate the suggestions. I spent some time attempting to apply most of the minor housekeeping things with the Upgradable description on items that can be upgraded and things like that. If you see any I missed please let me know so I can get it all smoothed out. I'll be working on other aspects of this tonight after work.

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