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my friend is in the arena and he is called my friend The N word on Danish i dont know if thats okay if its in another language but i just wanna report it 



i know this is not allowed not he said Nigger Ralle thats my friend


and cant the nigger solo 




Btw im not a Racist Okay guys i just dont thinks the is acceptable

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Please use the correct Reaper report format.


Name of character you are reporting:
Date/Time of incident:
Reason for report:

Reports not following the above format will be closed.


To be perfectly honest your report doesn't really make sense to me. I find it rather hard to understand what happened and how it happened.

Google translate wasn't of any help. None of the Danish words translate into insulting words. In your next report please try to explain the matter a bit more. 


I will leave this report open for now so you can reply while using the Reaper report format.


Racism in any language is unacceptable and will be punished severely if caught.

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