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Launcher problem need help



im new with Ice cold wow, and im having a problems in game. using 4.0.6 1.i cant use my items in my bag, 2. i cant see the name of NPC (its written in unknown) 3, cant even learn talents and save. 4 tele stone too is not working.. seems like all are not working well, is there a problem with my client/patch?
when using 4.3.3 i can log-on but cant log into realms, and its offline using this version..



Is this server can run with winXP?  (why do I need to always run it as administrato?)



thank you! im hoping for someone to help me fix this problem



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1.Have you tried using the icecold launcher  to extract the 4.0.6 game data into a empty folder and using that to run wow?

2.If you have you could also try the remove game patch feature found on the icecold launcher then try Re installing the game patch.


Hope one of these worked for you if you are still having trouble feel free to pm me.

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Hello dhenz22,


It does sound like there is some kind of problem with your client. The things you've stated not to be working work fine for the rest of us.

I will post a link with a guide on how to install a fresh client using the Icecold Launcher.


Link to the guide


Link to the download section (Download the Icecold Launcher)


Goodluck. Let us know if it worked.

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@xzero  - i tried using launcher and removing patch but the launcher itself wont start and just give me this error. 


i have also tried downloading the launcher and run to my laptop for the download of patches and copied it to my desktop.. but still the same error appeared...


@ grimes, i did tried the game guide and launcer from your links but still no luck.. anyone from players using windows XP? i have tried it using my laptop(with win7) and takes me 1 day downloading the client, and it works fine.. after that i copied the whole client i downloaded from laptop to my desktop(winXP) and it fails again, back with the same problem..


i think this client only runs in win7 and cant run with winXP OS...   

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BTW heres the txt error message from my desktop..


Title: Communication error
Message: The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a receive.
Details: Files contained in launcher folder:
Blizzard Updater.exe

Date/time: 5/2/2014 11:20:53 PM

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