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Content Update April 14, 2014


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Recent changes and/or updates related with content.

  • Brutal Wand of Horror and Master Thieve's Ripper added. These are the wand and thrown equivalents of FotB
  • Added Exchangement quest for Brutal Wand of Horror and Master Thieve's Ripper.
  • +1 to +5 Voter Weapons can be sold back for 1/4 of the VP you spent for them.
  • Class restriction on Vicious Dagger of the Assassin and Longstaff of the Ancient Spellweaver removed. Also Longstaff of the Ancient Spellweaver is a one-hand now.
  • VIP Dungeon daily will reward 1 Scorching Bar instead of 5 IceGold Bars
  • Hidden Chests in Skywall were added. So look around very carefully to be able to find them. There is also a hidden chest for Pythios, it has a long respawn time so you won't be able to find it if someone else did

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