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Suggestion for new Bag

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Suggestion Format
  • Suggestion Type () :-   New item
  • A short description :- Hey guys i come with a new bag . i am sure u will like  it . There is a reason for why i am                                   adding this suggestion
  • How and Who would that Benefit :- This item made for Helping both Non vip And Vip players .
  •                                                    Let me explain how - As we all aware of that their is one stat bag in Mgt
  • But once you obtain that bag ( max )  , MGT become useless. Since MGT is one of the Best Instance thats why i am thinking of addition of new bag in mgt. Which can be upgrade with same mats as the other bag
  • This will provide people one more item for framing as well as stats
  • Any screenshots/images if needed :- Yes , i have screenshot of that new bag .Please Take a look of bag SS is below :geek: 

 Suggestion by - Bladeheart  :ninja:



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