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Feral druid dmg bug


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  • What does this bug do? (Extra Damage, Broken Spell, etc) : feral druids in cat/bear form do less dmg than in normal form
  • How does this bug occur? (If known) : -
  • An overall description of the bug (Short and Sweet) :  (tried vip7 one haned weps an 2haned wep too) my attack power in normal form is around 300k, in cat form i get the attack power buff from agility so my attack power is 500k+ but my dmg is still lower
  • Any screenshots/images if needed :post-60433-0-45832100-1394485243_thumb.jpost-60433-0-43248800-1394485245_thumb.jpost-60433-0-12239400-1394485247_thumb.jpost-60433-0-37354200-1394485248_thumb.jpost-60433-0-91420200-1394485249_thumb.jpost-60433-0-46091600-1394485251_thumb.j


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