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Weapons That Need Skin's


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This is a thread To try and get weps that have no skin some skins (artifact weps)

And iv even added some names of weps we Could change them to.


We will start with

1H defence sword > "Artifact: defender's Sword Of endless Battle" > "Westfall Sabor"


2H Mace "Artifact: Sulfuras, Extinguished Hand > (ofc) "Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnoros"


2H Polearm > "Artifact: Warspear of the dragonlord > "High Warlord's pig sticker"


1H dagger > "Artifact: Blade of Watchful eye" > "The Night Blade"


1h Fist weps > "Artifact: Claws Of the Corrupted Brawler" > "Claws Of molten fury" 


1H Mace > "Artifact: Warmace Of The Tyrant" > "Lucky Old Sun Or Hammer Of Wrenching Chance" (1 hand mace was hard to choose)


Sheild > "Artifact: Sheild Of The Ancestors" > "Bulwark of Azzinoth"


Gun > "Artifact: Bloody Handcannon" >  "Sen'jin Breakblade longrifle"


Spell power 1H sword  > "Artifact: Spellblade of The Ancient magus" > "Continuum Blade"


Wand > "Artifact: Skull-topped rod" > (i dunno :S)

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