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The Maelstrom


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As I said with rocx, There are ways to tix the "Deepholm" quest line.

1st of all, the portal coords need chainging to the actuel maelstrom. (Go to "The Maelstrom" and do .gps to get the coords, then change them in the database.)

2nd of all, The portals need spawning in the two places in stormwind and orgrimmar.

3rd of all, Make it so thrall can complete the quest "The maelstrom". (Via Databse)

4th of all, Make it so thrall gives the quest "Deepholm, Realm of Earth" after "The maelstrom" is completed. (Via database)

5th of all, Spawn a deepholm portal at the maelstrom next to thrall seeing as the wyrven is bugged. ( I think that portal still works. )

6th of all, Make sure "Maruut Stonebinder" gives the quest "Gunship Down" (via database)

7th of all, make sure all 3 clues are in there correct places.

Unexploded Artillery Shell - on the ground near the southern part of the wreck (56.7, 76.4).

Slain Cannoneer - on the ground between the two halves of the wreck (56.1, 74.2).

Captain Skullshatter - inside the quarters on the northern part of the wreck (53.5, 73.8)

8th of all, make sure "Maruut Stonebinder" completes the quest "Gunship Down" (Via database)

9th of all, make sure "Maruut Stonebinder" gives the quest "Diplomacy First" (Via Database)

10th of all, make sure "Stormcaller Mylra" is at the alliance ship. (Via database)



Add the dialog for the quests seeing as there missing, If you want to do this part just ask.

That's the quest line fixed and the main deepholm quest, now to work on vashj'ir and other cataclysm places. :)

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