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server hack


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Name of character you are reporting: Bozard
Date/Time of incident: no idea for time, but date is 2/2/2014
Reason for report: server hacking or DDOS as u call it?
Proof: too bad got dc'ed before that fcker got away with it


ok the case was that in world chat AND YES HE SAID IT, he said you guys all got dc? i said yes, then he said no need to log in again im gona keep shutting down server, then bye and server shutted down. he was in orgrimmar, then when i said report him in WC that fckface dc'ed and then i saw another toon named thebestname or something like that he was in orgrimmar too and then server suddently shutted down... so basically it is the same ****. remember icecold when i said that maybe someday some rage kid will do it? here you go....

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