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Baught fotb items.


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I'll explain this some more as it's partly correct.

Currently we offer you the possibility to transfer any gear you purchased in the webshop.

The idea is simple, it takes the item from character #1 and moves it to Character #2.

Now, if we'd enable the exchange feature, it would mess up the transfer system.

Say you bought a Frostmourne of the Beast on character #1. You decide to exchange it to a dagger, you use the exchange system, and get your dagger.

The transfer system however still think character #1 has a Frostmourne of the Beast. It doesn't know about the exchange that just took place.

So if you'll ever try to transfer your dagger, you won't be able to find it.

The down side for us is if you transfer the Frostmourne after the exchange character #2 will receive a Frostmourne while character #1 still has the dagger.

Unlimited profit.

So, there's that.

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