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Dungeon Design!


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Well here it goes:


The scarlet crusade have been taken over by some cataclysmic roamers, They are verry strong and powerful since they lost there home and had to train. The crusade want there home back, but have no where to turn. so they turn to the brave hero's they have heard about in the news.

There are four quests for each instance in there, destroy all bosses then return back to the head of the crusade who is waiting outside. This quest is not repeatable.

The head of the crusade who is outside, askes you to first go to the graveyard and talk to a crusader about killing the last boss, once that is done she then askes you to go to the other instance and visa versa etc... Once you complete the last one, you return to the head to claim your prize.

To the screenies:

Gravard: (Click to enlarge em.)








The rest:

I just got teleported to my starting area. Weird.

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yeah, I know. I kind of failed while going for the graveyard bit. It's just that if you notice SM is completely empty.

LOL listen to this:

Yar'll The pirates took ye plunder aye me lad? Use ye vip items to get zem back and maybe find some treasure!

-Aaron and his magical fails. <3 -

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