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Haste Bug Fix


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Ok just a suggestion on the offhands not hitting (which sucks btw) if you push the cap past 95% you encounter bugs like the offhands not hitting and spells not


actually casting at 0.00. The admin/dev/s don't want to fix this but maybe if we get enough people to speak up they will fix it or maybe admit they can't. If you


can't drop the haste to or below 95% why not just put haste rating on the gear instead? I like this server better than undamed but undamed had it set up to get


haste off gear, enchants, and gems which made it more fun to achieve max haste, had to work a little for it. Like my Pally on there vip5 had 87% haste till my


hurricane chant proc'd and my libram proc'd giving me max haste after literally only 1-2 swings. Also what was awesome was custom ring that had chance on hit


to gain extra attack, that was 35-50% extra dps depending on how much haste you had :)


This server is already better than Undamed but could steal a couple things they did right can't we?


At least to see the offhand hit would be awesome, that'd make the 70$ i spent on my second account more enjoyable. Possibly encourage me to spend more even >_<

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Okay, Lets say we do your idea. we put the haste on the gear instead and the offhands hit right? now we have even more problems if the offhand was to hit the damage would be really OP and they would have to raise the health again so its not just an instant duel, Thats no fun. In the past Icecold had more health and ran out of room to customize and make new things, So they Stat slashed and made everything better.
Nice suggestion but I don't agree i like Icecold the way it is :thumbsup:

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Hmm thats funny once again pulling the Undammed-wow card, on there i had top vip gear and was working on upgrading it via vip instances, i had 69 mil hps and did 230 mil dps the offhand hit


and pvp was balanced as could be on these types of servers. They actually did make it so we didn't hit players half as hard as we did dungeon mobs so if you see flaw in my suggestions its


actually due to the limitations in the dev department because they can't do it, or too lazy to try. Thats a little disrespectful but if thats not the case suggestions will be taken seriously and


implimented. This server is nice and is pretty much the same dam thing as Undammed was, same amount of players, fun server, customs, built on haste.

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I also disagree with this suggestion. With the current set up with Icecold's haste, sure off-hand weapons don't hit often (They do hit, just not often) but you still have your main-hand swinging like crazy. As long as you put your stronger weapon in your main-hand there isn't any issues. Additionally, from what I heard from I think to be Molten, the haste you have is much higher than it says. I think he said it was somewhere around one million. 


With the current haste set up the server has been able to get this far and expand this much. I don't see the need for them to go through and re-do their haste system. This server isn't meant for you to have to work for your haste, it's meant to all be there, right as you make your character. That's what makes this server so special. Making people work for haste would get rid of what makes this server unique from the other haste servers.

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