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IceCold-WoW has just gotten a very large update. Below are some of the main changes:

  • All gear and weapons have been changed, as well as their stats.
  • Free in-game gear's stats have been increased. A standard Vicious set can easily give you 2 million HP.
  • Donor gear has been improved too. Stat increases. However the gap in stats from normal gear has been made smaller.
  • New farmable gear sets.
  • Changes to dungeons. They are now a lot harder to match the new gear. They also drop new tokens.
  • A personal teleporter has been introduced. It acts as a companion you can summon at any time!
  • VIP levels revamped.
  • All players have free access to a tabard that maxes your haste!!!
  • Much, much more!!

We encourage you to try out all these new features/items!

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