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Guys never trust reyshamman and Hilter, i got scamed by them


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Guys , never trust any one even if he is vip7 , i got scamed by Reyshammy and Hilter  . i ask them to help me to get pythios weapon , they said if i give them 100 ice gold bars in advance they will help , i though they will . but after trading they removed from group and said we stole u,   


i contact to head Gm too but he said he cant help , if any noble player is here please help me get that sword at least , 


i am  adding screenshots of scamming

 there are 4 screen shot ,  i add 2 in repile sections



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Lawl, It was your fault you traded those btw.  So, you are held accountable, just because they didn't do something for you, doesn't mean it's their fault.  It's yours, you should wait before you actually trade those.  Maybe after you kill the boss?

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