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Tutorial for getting wow 4.0.6!



Hey all today i am going to help you guys get wow 4.0.6 (The wow that we use here for Icecold-Wow)


1. First off create a new folder where you want your wow to be, for example i put mine on the desktop.

Download the Icecold-wow Launcher  here >>> http://www.icecold-wow.com/downloads/IceColdLauncher.exe


2. Once the Icecold launcher is downloaded put it in the empty file that you made.


3. Go into the icecold Launcher a error will pop up saying something like "A valid WoW Install was not found in this folder" Just press OK  Then the launcher will open. At the bottom of the Launcher you will see a Refresh kind of symbol. Click that then it will start downloading! 


Just FYI once you press the refresh button looking button (haha that made no since)  a thing will tell you how its going to download. 


Please post some feedback or something! 

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