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Guys i know from real wow that, with regard to tier 11 ( aka pvp 7 armor ) that there are armor pieces that are farmable from bosses in certain cata raids that are wearable to all classes, both casters and meeles. So i was thinking, why not give high pvps ( meaning pvp6 or 7 ) the opportunity to choose between certain sets of armor, instead of limiting their options to just one, mainstream vip7 armor? It cant be that hard. Just give vip 7 and 6 the privilege to swich between mage or dk or drud or shaman or pally gear with no reduction to stats whatsoever. In other words, give us the opportunity to choose between numerous sets of vip7 armors with no reduction to stats. This would make playing experience a hell of a lot more fun, as we will be able to combine the sets and since the stats will be the same, this will not affect our gameplay experience. 

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