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Realistic PvP approach


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Ok, since most players love fighting outside deepholme because, obviously, it is too boring to go to arenas, why not band pvp fighting  all around the mall ( alliance and horde included ) so that we may gather more often at arenas ( by placing guards all over the place, i mean )? Also, the fact that you have so many arenas sucks, sorry to be so blunt but it does. Just keep the vip arena which is awesome ( and the fact that you can fall down and die is incredible ) and turn the others into boss stages. because right now, you got pvp scattered all over the place. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease guys itll be awesome. Give us a fair chance to pvp! Also, in this vip arena, ull only have to wait only 1 sec to ressurect instead of two, and teleporting is not allowed for 5 minutes from the moment you enter. How about that? :) For players wanting to test their skills, they can go to training dummies, or at a place far outside deepholm global mall, for example, and experiment for all the time they like, instead of asking OH PLEASE LET ME TEST SMTH FOR GOD SAKES. 


Thank you, please support me, its high time that we saw something radical happening in the server :)

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