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So i was thinking I should share this with you...


Now, i have realized that you get points for killing other players... how about you change that aspect of the game, in a way that it will attract a lot more players... how about we gain 1 point for killing pretty much everything that moves, and instead of being rewarded with a boring title or a weapon when we kill 100.000 players ( rather impossible i daresay ), for every title we gain, we get 5-10% increase in an atribute of our choice ( stamina, strength, intellect etc. ) so that, in the end, we will have around 90% ( more or less ) more points in a couple of atributes ( 45% more on the one, and 45& on the other, so strength and stamina, or intellect and parry for instance... ). That'll work for both vips and non vips ( well, you could reduce the amount of points received by vips by a tiny bit ). I bet that, in this way, the game will get much more interesting, as you will always have your hands full, and you wont need to kill 100000 players ( for the love of god, no! ) in a game where there is no instance for regular pvp combats whatsoever. 

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