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I am very sorry that the server is dropping in population now, hopefully it will be up again in the future, I just wanted you guys to realize that your money hungry :(, yes, we all love money, and whats sweeter then getting buttloads of cash from idiots over a silly video game you took 2 faecess to create. but anways, face it, not all donations proceed towards the server. So please. PLEASE dont feed your respectful community handfuls of crap anymore, we Spent Weeks, earning our gear to get over turned by donors. Me myself, NEVER ONCE! did I EVER even care about donors, I was always able to beat them, yeah it would be much harder ofcourse, but NOW, Requires no skill. we get 2 shotted with the gear we farmed 2 weeks for... NOW.. let me ask you, IS THAT FAIR?

NO its not, your playing little mind tricks on young kids to beg there parents to donate when they see they get rolled by donor gear, Stop this now, it is sad and pathetic, You want your faeces to last right, then listen to me,... MAKE A NEW ****ING REALM ALREADY, you have enough money. Quit bullfaecesting guys. The NEW server Should consist of This system below.

Start with Crafted-->Honor for Blood-->Arena for Viscious-->(And lower the Arena Cap rating to 1850). And for the donors, Give them Full Viscious/Any mount of there choice. and Race Change/Faction whenever needed, You want your server to Shoot through the roofs right, well listen to your players or be left in the dust with the other servers from page 500 and up on http://www.xtremetop...rld-of-warcraft List, lol, Where did you think the server would go when you made such a big gap between gears? people want to play and win or actually have a chance at winning, Not be a Dummy,. Hope you take my words to the head. And NOT DELETE THIS POST, If you delete it or delete me, I know what I say is true, And That my friends, Mean I won :), And by the way, Rocx, (Ill see you on Tonic WoW) your a good nelf warrior btw)

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We dont ask for money, we have another server only just opened. The staff use no money for there profit. Whatcha exepct if people WANT to donate?

I think a PvP realm would be good though, just PvP and custom's earned through honor points and otherwise but not OP.

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