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Biiiiigggg lagg!



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I don't weather you still have this error or not. but lets start! 

Make sure your internet is not having any connect-ivy problems that goes for your firewall if its enabled or any other firewalls you have installed.
This could be the lag issue if not, try turning your router of for 30 seconds then turn it back on.

If the issue is still ac-curing contact your broad-line for more information or anything happening updates ext.
Maybe its your PC freezing up and it needs to take a cool-down. 

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I hope the Lagg will be fixed soon, can't even play 10seconds without any lagg.


Any other people got this ?


Greeeetings, Krobadoq.


First and foremost, disable all addons that you may have enabled. Some addons are known to lag the game, and crash it. Also, if gameplay is choppy, it's most likely your CPU overheating, or technical specifications in your computer not being good enough to run World of Warcraft on all or high settings. If you're web browser is not experiencing any slow problems, then it is not your internet connection.


If your web browser/anything else that uses internet -IS- slow and laggy, then it is your internet connection. If you're wireless, try moving closer to your router, if not close already. If this does not help, consider obtaining an ethernet cord to have a wired connection, which is overall a better experience. 



If it's still slow and you're paying for fast internet, contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider) for help.

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