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Guys, i realized this, you cant possibly learn a proffesion since there are no materials in the auction hause. SO... HERE IS THE SOLUTION. Why not add an unlimited quantity of all materials and ingredients in the auction hause? This would be awesome! Imagine having all the proffesions you like. An dthe prices of the ingradients should be cheap. So that all people can train their proffesions. Where to start from... cool gimmicks ( engineering ), awesome gems + enchants ( enchanting, jewelcrafting ), magical carpet ( flying mount, tailoring and a hell of a lot more fun stuff ), fishing competitions oon one big pool ( winners get an awesome fishing pole - like in wow ) or smithing ( more sockets to your items perhaps? ) because frankly, even though we may have cool armors, how can we possibly fill up those meta sockets!? ( unless you remove the restriction that prevents us from socketing more than one meta gem of each kind ). 


Guys, this could be huge. I know you are probably pretty busy right now, but i am under the impression that, should you do this in the auction hause, then you will have players complaining much less often, plus that you will have an ingame economy going! Isnt that sweet?

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Oh and one more thing... since reforging isnt available ( and wont be in the near future ) why not let the players choose between three different sets of vip armors (when purchasing the package- or for the ones that have done so already, via the transporter) for each vip level ( 1,2,3,4... ), one for casters ( intellect +++, spirit nah, not really needed ), strength and stamina ( strength>stamina for dps meele ) and stamina and strength ( stamina> strength for tanks ). How about that?

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