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Hi guys. Each and every time i enter the game with my char whos in Storm Peaks, like in 2-3 second i get a freeze and my computer restarts. Its like this with every character i make and not only in storm peaks It happened in deepholm mall too can someone help me fix this( this does not happen in every realm i play ) :) thank you in advance

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This topic should be moved to the, "Help and Support" section of the forum. Though, I think I may have the answer to this.


Does this happen on retail WoW, (Mists of Pandaria Live)? If it does, your computer may be overheating due to a lack of RAM, or just a bad processor, or processor speed. The same could apply to the graphics card, as if it's not good enough, the processor will overheat, along with the graphics card as well. 


If it doesn't happen on retail WoW, then it may have something to do with an addon issue. If you have addons, disable them, especially the outdated, "Recount", addon usually will make Icecold WoW go terribly slow, and overheat your CPU, causing the computer to shutdown/restart.


If you don't have addons installed, please follow this process to help me help you. :)



1. Either go to Start>Run, or press the "home", and "r" keys at the same time.

2. In the "Run" tab, type "DxDiag".

3. In a couple of seconds a box will open up, and load some things. At the bottom of that page, you'll see, "Save All Information", or similar.

4. Click that, and it will begin a save process, and it'll tell you where you'd like you to save it. Preferably save it on your desktop as DxDiag.

5. Either upload the file as a .txt document on this forum topic, or simply copy and paste the text into the post.

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