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Need to instal CATA before downloading Ice cold?



Hey there,

Lately i had my computer fixed so my ice cold file ( together with many other files - to my great desperation ) got deleted. So i need to download it again. So, do i need to re instal the CATA expansion from my disc because, when i download your version of the game and after i sign in, a messege pops up saying 'need to download Cataclysm expansion or something'. I'd appreciate it should you be able to provide an answer to my problem the sooner. 


Thanks :)

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Okay first download the icecold  launcher and make a icecold file. Put the launcher into the file then open the launcher then do Re-download game. Once you try to open the game the screen will go black for 5-10 mins. Just wait. And boom . :P this way is much quicker

Yes, but it says that i need to download the patch.


What should i do?

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