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Spawn Time Reductions...


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Hello IceCold


I would just like to make the suggestion that the spawn time of Non VIP Boss should be reduced, only 2 people have the weapons, I thought it would be designed so that Non VIPs could get better weapons but, we can clearly see barely anyone has it. Now for the VIP dungeon, every time i have been there the VIP dungeon is on re spawn, and the only ones that have the items are GMs because the GMs can solo the area, or Neph and Puffin can group up and wipe the area...Meanwhile the non GM players rarely have 2 VIP7s on. You need at least 2 VIP7s to do the instance/ final boss. So therefore VIPs dont get the loot and only GMs do.


My last point about the Non VIP boss is everyone asks how long till the Ice Guardian waits and the GMs are probably getting sick of it so why not make the re spawn time 2hrs or like 1hr and 30min.




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